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Our Goats

Fairview Tree Farm is home to 5 wonderful goats: Brownie, Misty, Bonnie, Pink and Pine. The Original Fairview Goats, Brownie and Ernie, arrived at our farm in 2005 and are still here today! They were joined in 2012 by Misty and Bonnie, two Americal Alpine goats. You can identify them by their black and white markings.

Our goats are very friendly, and will always gladly accept snacks such as fresh carrots and lettuce. Stop by and say Hi on your next visit to the farm!

You Goat To Come See Us!

Fun Facts About Our Goats
Brownie and Ernie are Fainting Goats. When Fainting Goats are panicked, their muscles freeze for roughly 3 seconds, often causing them to faint and collapse on their sides.

The first October Brownie and Ernie lived at Fairview, they fainted every time the tractor drove by to pull our Haunted Hayride!

2 Sawmill City Road Shelton, CT 06484

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